2017 Rustavi, Round 2 Clip. Oriola wins and Valente is penalized

For more info: Penalties for Valente and Colciago after Race 2 Following Race 2, the Stewards reviewed video evidence of two incidents that occurred during the race. In the first, both Lukoil Craft-Bamboo teammates Pepe Oriola and Hugo Valente were thought to have overtaken WestCoast Racing’s Giacomo Altoè under yellow flags when the Safety Car was deployed on lap 1. The video showed that Oriola had overtaken before the yellow flags were shown and so received no penalty, but Valente had, indeed, passed Altoè after the flags came out. The Stewards therefore imposed a thirty-second penalty on Valente, which dropped the French driver from second to ninth in the results. In the second incident, M1RA’s Roberto Colciago was judged to have overtaken James Nash in the other Lukoil Craft-Bamboo SEAT after yellow flags had been shown on the final lap. Colciago also receives a thirty-second penalty, dropping him from sixth place to twelfth.